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Hi my name is Tonee - I am from the Bronx in New York City, I joined BandCamp 3 years ago and I have to say I love it!.
I have been so excited for 2017 because I plan one day to become a main artist on the website if I can continue working harder everyday. My goal is to keep practicing & learning music and constantly putting out more content for my listeners & fans who have amazing cool gadgets they could hear my music from. I have thought about my music career in the past & took the time to start dedicating my whole life to learn producing and finding ways to entertain people with my Exclusive Tunes, Video Visuals on Youtube and also New Sounds on SoundCloud. I know their many people from different parts of the world & everyone has a different taste in music, but for me. I believe that I can create a fan from any part of the world. because I like bringing cultures together with my music. some of my sound incorporate all kinds of elements from all parts of the world. To me It is very important that we all share our hopes and dreams together because we live in a world where we are all separated. I promise in the coming future to help and contribute to other artist and produce more talent out there who do not have a voice. I AM DJToneEBeats. and thank you for subscribing to my network! I dearly appreciate every fan out who takes a listen to my music. Much Love!

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      #DabbaDab (82 BPM) (Produced By DJToneEBeats) May 25, 2017
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      Hi guys here is my free album for a limited time "... May 25, 2017
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New York, New York
Hi everyone.
I go by DJToneEBeats
I am a music producer from New York City,
who is trying to create a new, exclusive sound.
I love to compose instrumentals from scratch.
and my goal is to become better while gathering fans,
Taking them on an epic journey with my funky tunes.
I like to have an old school and soulful vibe to my creations.
if you are a fan, please enjoy. & support. Thank you.

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